On a rainy day when you are in a hurry and your mother suddenly holds you by your arm to give that umbrella which you have forgotten so you won’t get wet.. IT MATTERS.

There are moments in life that mean a lot to us even though they might be petty and very small but as the saying goes : YOU LIVE IN MOMENTS AND MOMENTS ARE LIVED BY!!

On ddaily basis almost all of us are too preoccupied to notice what’s happening around us but only those who can see within can spare a moment to please, to lend, to make someone feel special or even to save the moment.

You ddon’t need any supernatural power to grab that special moment, it just happens before you even know it.

The rule is simple : You need to walk light weight without arrogance or grudges in order to see the scenario in which the humanity is equal with same emotions, needs, hurts and maybe somewhat sane challenges.

When you are light weight, you can feel with your basic instinct called sixth sense any positive or negative vibe. You can sense the need, love and even danger. Within a span of a moment, either you can escape from it or remain trapped.

There is no hard and fast rule to learn this simple technique. When we are close to THE CREATOR, automatically we admire it’s creation. Our relationship with Allah Ta’ala makes us humble towards others and we are able to feel the wavelength of others. Whether its on crest or trough part!!!

Make life simple by just relaxing for some moments, enjoy the sounds of birds, rain. Enjoy the smell of flowers blooming, coffee, good food or whatever pleases you. This will soothe your nerves, give you positive energy and a memorable moment.

Be grateful for tiny blessings and enjoy the moments to make moments Matter! ๐Ÿ˜Šโค๏ธ

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