Who are all rounders?

All rounders surprise us all the time with their unique capabilities to handle tough situations as life is full of surprises.Nobody knows whats behind the next door knock. Only an all rounder can get through all the obstacles and hurdles and still carry on with the juggling of all sorts of challenges of life.

Trials and Errors

No one is able to grasp this extra ordinary technique overnight. We as human beings undergo lots of trials and errors in order to finally attain the title of an all rounder!

How do all rounders attain expertise?

All rounder can be explained by a simple example: When a chick is hatched from an egg.It does not know how to take its first meal ,unless the mother hen feeds her baby.As long as the chick reaches a certain age;it clings with its mother all the time.

After a certain time,the mother won’t attend its babies and then they are on their own to search for food,stay with their peep,seek a partner,recognize their common enemies etc.They learn all this through intuition and master their skill of being an all rounder over a certain period of time.

Human beings’ Learnings

We as human beings face a lot of changes from the day we are born and we keep on learning through out our lives.

Learn from trials

It’s up to us to either learn from our experiences and move on or to take it negatively and to blame others for our shortcomings.

Be an all rounder all the time!

All rounders will not face much of difficulty in adjusting or in co-ordinating into new environments or situations as they would not cling to the traditional methods or ways.On the contrary ,all rounders come up with unique and radical solutions to every matter.

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