Emptiness always comes when our emotions,feelings and even physical capacities get beyond our limits or potential.

We feel emptiness after extreme joy or in a state of extreme sorrow or after a great trauma.

Emptiness is failing to comprehend your feelings to others or even to your own self.

Emptiness is a self perceived disability that can be cured by a professional therapist,psychiatrist or someone close who understands you really well.

He/she can be anyone from mother, brother or friend etc.

The extremism in our emotions or actions that leads to this grave feeling of emptiness should be discouraged.

Overdose or too much of anything is unhealthy for our body, soul and emotions as well.

You can feel empty even when surrounded by a crowd or in a huge gathering Emptiness should not be taken for granted by others.

If we see someone who needs assistance or seems lost,we must empathise with him/her,not make fun of her/him by calling out stupid lame names.

Emptiness needs to be understood and looked into deeply as the consequences are important to apprehend in order for a better relationship of the person seeking help and other members of the society.

Its necessary for the ethical,moral and spiritual growth of any society to be more humble than matrialistic.

More in giving than snatching,more in serving than demanding.

The social delimmas that are prevailing all around has led us to see more of such empty feeling,blank faced individuals around us.

If we are at a position to lend a helping hand,we must not ignore or let others down.

Emptiness can be overcomed when we lessen down our expectations from others and instead master our own art or skills.

Celeberate on our own,be our own critique and mentor and look upto only the beacons of light,who try their level best to bring positivity even in today’s hopeless circumstances.

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