high angle shot of a person kneeling on a blue prayer rug for a natural re-fill
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In the darkest moments of your life, when betrayals & trials knock you down on your knees to bow down to the Divine and Al Merciful, All Hearing, Al Knowing for a Natural Re-fill

At that bleak moment we might not hear the sudden replies to our calls, sobs and tearful whispers, but as we keep bowing down first He heals the pain then a sign of relief in form of a firm belief that our prayers will be answered.

We need motivation, encouragement,love and support being human beings. It all comes along only when we start to believe in ourselves and when we start to trust Allah’s plans.

Allah will never ever abandon us, leave us astray or in bewilderness.

How can Allah leave us alone when He is Oft Fotgiving, Ar. Rehman and Ar Rahim. His mercy prevails His wrath. Surely, this firmness comes after a long and hard journey. Its not easy. Believe me!!

It’s very difficult to fight against your self consciousness (nafs). It’s Jihad against your free will. It’s very tough to give up on your desires and your dreams.

You change within not outwardly. With the help of our calls to Allah, He holds , mends our hearts, and when our level of Iman(faith) strengthens, it roots deep down into our souls.

That’s when we see the light within.💖

The way to a new journey, a new us and fresh new start from scrap. We learn to stand up, paint our bleak and dull life.

Believe you me no one can make you stand up unless you try with your will, no one can ever make you strong unless you keep on trying and praying to Allah.

So keep your faith strong, believe in yourself. Don’t forget to see the rainbow, the birds, the rain and the beautiful sky upon us.

Whisper quietly and silently to Allah for every little blessing you have. I am thankful for my hands, fingers and even the screen, over which I am able to tap out my words. Alhumdulilah.

All praises are for Allah (God)

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