Phobias are developed during our growing years. These phobias are all those external, psychological, physical or mental traumas, that most of the people encounter at any stage of their life.

Most of the time many people cannot escape from these phobias if not expressed at right time, to the right person. Many times these phobias are hidden for the fear of guilt, feeling ashamed like becoming a laughing stock for others.

How llittle incidents become phobias depend on parents or our elders. For instance my youngest son Mahd is scared of SPIDERS. Now if I cannot handle him in a pleasant manner or help him in controlling his anxiety against his phobia, ITS MY Fault.

My duty as a mother is to take his anxiety in a light manner.I should not freak out.Explain to him, its only a tiny and harmless insect. Maybe I should go further on briefing him about spiders, their habitats, how they catch their prey etc. Maybe that can calm him down and slowly in the longer run he might be able to overcome his fear.

This is just a tiny real life example of ONE kind of phobia.

There are many sorts of phobias. Like fear of hight, water, darkness, cockroaches!!! etc.

The punch line is not get to over whelmed with such innerfears. They make individuals weak.

We as parents, elders, need to give due guidance to our younger generation. This world needs mentally, emotionally and physically strong individuals not wiliting lilies any more!!

So, be open, frank and welcome even the tiniest queries of younger ones with keenness.They just need a lending hand, audible ear, a pat on the back and smiling face to make them believe in themselves.

To overcome your unknown and unseen fears, try taking care of others’ phobias.

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