Life means a continuous breathing process. You are full of life when you move, laugh, smile, act, eat, feel, express or even heal. Life ends when we are unable to any one of these things or all of them..

It’s a blessing. 😊

Take the most of it while it lasts, while you are able to move around, think, feel, share and care.

Our life is not a bed of roses. It has many thorns in it. All of us are afflicted with trials and tests, in one way or other. Our tests only teach us to become stronger than before, learn from it and move on.. We cannot simply stand at a particular point of time in life over a setback and keep on thinking as if it’s the end of this world…

We are born and bound to struggle till our last breath. Hopelessness means we have given up on life..

Life ends where hope ends…

So where you are in you life or which ever part of the world, dont take life for granted. Remember you all have ONE life. Either make it and be an inspiration for others or leave as a sigh of relief for others…!!!

The choice is ours. We chose how to live and what to with our lives. Don’t let others control your life or situations.

Situations only get worse when we give the steering gear of our life into hands of others. Who will use it their way, manipulate or even take advantage of your condition.

Kindly be kind to your own life. Don’t play or become a victim into hands of others.

Trust in the plans of The Creator. Be hopeful, optimistic, pray and work hard.

Expect less and aspire high. 😊

That’s life.. Keep on moving like a river… That’s how life is. It goes on… 😊

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