When a baby grows up, after holding small things, I think clapping is the first thing we all teach our kids. We teach them to appreciate when they do something good. We also clap along to enjoy the little pleasures we feel in life.

However, as we grow up, the scenario is reversed completely. We see people don’t clap to appreciate. Instead they clap to taunt, to belittle others. We clap on others with arrogance not with appreciation. We don’t want encourage them, instead we look down on them.

This reversal behaviour overcomes because of our self made inhumane policies, taboos or stereotypes.

We appreciate only at those places, where there’s our personal benefit whether in cash or kind. We keep grudges for centuries against cultures, creeds, races, places, languages, religions and Allah knows what. The list is endless.

There’s so much suffocation from bottom level of hardships till the top due to unnecessary and unwanted bias.

That’s why the deserving and hardworking don’t get their reward fully and the backbenchers or the ones who follow shortcuts get away with the titles/awards.

The whole setup is fraudulent due to this mind frame. Our thought process has become so stagnant and shallow that we cannot think beyond a certain level.

Why this level of cringe when we are exposed to immense amount of knowledge, learning hubs and uncountable opportunities for growth.

We study to earn money, not to make a difference in society. If we take an ariel view of all educational centres, we’ll realize that we are just producing dummies not a real breathing human being, who is capable of making a difference.

They all have the same mind set, to get a job, start a business and get all desires fulfilled, to buy that Porche, to get that apartment besides Seaview, to travel around the world…..The desires are endless.

I am not against fulfilling what we want. I despise strongly the lack of empathy that keeps building side by side through out our growing years. This lack results in a lot of other social problems when we deal with the people on our own or in a group.

In a house of 5 people, except for the one being tortured most everyone is selfish, a future bully of society, a mother or father of yet another failure adult in society. We have made this ripple ourselves.

We as adults don’t teach our children to appreciate. We don’t teach them to be kind. Even if at homes there is harmony, the world our side has become so cruel and in different to each other that surviving has become a challenge itself.

This earth hasn’t shrunk in a trillion years but our hearts sure have. We cannot tolerate people, we cannot see them grow, see them happy or enjoying their lives. We cannot digest others’ success. As we our selves are struggling… Our struggles and their success is no match with each other.

We come alone in this world, will go alone. We all are sent down with unique battles to tackle with both inside and outside. Why can’t our battles soften our hearts towards others??

If all of us are at war zone, struggling, unhappy or sad due to something, the other might also be going through the same. Why put burden on others’ shoulder and fight for it? This indifference attitude must be discouraged.

We need a lot empathy at this point to lift each other both in spirits, morality and through our gestures of kindness. 😊

So appreciate while you live. While you are healthy and able to clap with both hands. Once you realize that not only happiness but our sorrows, griefs and losses are also temporary, you will love the sound of rain, birds, a crying or a shouting child.

It all begins within. 😊

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