resource utilizing
resource utilizing

Have you ever seen a juggler juggling with different things like bottles or balls? He balances all these in the air using his two hands, utilizing his full potential and concentration on the things he is dealing with. It’s a complete art and is done after a lot of training or individual practice. A layman cannot get this kind of expertise overnight by just watching the juggler juggling! πŸ™‚

Our life is also like a juggler’s sphere. We have a lot of things and responsibilities to manage, to tackle and handle things with care.

Concentration is the punch line as we cannot be at our fullest if we are not attentive to the matters we are dealing in or dealing with.

It requires a lot of hardwork, constant effort, repeated practices. Ideal situation is to take note of everything we do in order to improve ourselves, refer to them when needed.

This simple tip is very useful and goes a long way in life whenever or where our set of responsibilities is changed or upgraded.

Ironically our focus also helps in looking up matters pertaining or related to our selves than on peeping into others’ business or types of tasks they have to do. We loose our balance in life and over things as well once our concentration is lost or diverted outside our sphere of work.

That’s where failures, misfortunes, mishaps and losses occur.

We are responsible for our own failures. We cannot blame anyone or anything for our breakups and mishandlings in life when it comes in terms with family, relatives, co-workers or in the society we live in.

We used to study in our junior classes a very popular and old saying that:

Whatever goes around, comes around. Be it a negative or positive action or emotion. Thus our efforts do bear fruitful results. 😊

We are sent to earth with a complete set of responsibilities to be dealt with in an optimal way.

The burden increases as we grow in age but that’s where utilizing our management skills, to handle complex real life situations are sharpened by our experiences of trials and errors.

When we attain the skill to utilize the given set of resources in form responsiblities, we become masters of our specific field.

Our specializations in utilizing complicated matters make us leaders. We can be a lead of those who want to follow our footsteps and stand where we or our elders stand or reach in their lives.

Best use of resource utilization makes us milestones to be reached for. I wish I could become that milestone one day for my younger generation as well.

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